Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marketing Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive design can be deemed as an experience and costly and time consuming but looking at the brighter side as always gives uniformity for all the devices, rather than having different layouts for different devices.  It allows everyone to create one website that is compatible with any and every digital web device practically. Not only is Responsive Design modest and economical but easy to maintain and sustain its look for long time frame, along with it has several SEO benefits that traditional websites do not have.

With a Responsive Design layout, we don’t have to worry about updating several different versions of a website in order to keep versions consistency. Update one and update all is the slogan that responsive design follows. This increases the value of your site to visitors, and in turn, the search engines because all the records point to one rather than different layouts. RWD takes three sites and makes them one. No longer will the need arise to place canonical and authoritative tags on pages to prevent duplicate content penalties across your mobile and desktop versions. It con-temporizes  web design efforts and kills three birds with one stone as said by a famous poet. Another factor that helps or gives an extra boost on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that when a person is  searching on a mobile device pushes the URL into a mobile search engine, the web browser URL is often redirected to a mobile-specific URL.

Inbound links (links to your domain) are seen as ballot for site by the various search engines. The more inbound links site has, the higher it will rank for various keywords related to say links. The problem, however, is that mobile sites receive hardly any of the “link juice” earned by these inbound links because they have different URLs (and are accessed through redirects), and it results in lesser mobile rankings. A site with responsive design  fortunately has the same URL across all devices, which ensures that  all devices such as mobile, tablet and web browser rankings are all on the go to touch sky limits.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Outsourcing with Offshore Development Las Vegas

Nowadays technological advancements has made Web development a convenient process. In a broader term web development is basically considered as developing a website for the Internet and nevertheless for its potential customers. Developing a user friendly and attractive website can help us to gain more popularity for our business. Web development can range from a simple static web page to that of complex dynamic structures. Web development includes a host of activities that need to be done like web design, web content, logo designing etc. These all contributes towards the development of a full fledged website. So in brief Web development is the process of developing a web page that may range from a small page to a big e-commerce website.

First phase of web development involves the Planning and Analysis of the web page design by the developer considering the requirements and ease of the client or potential users. The basic planning should be done considering various factors like recent technologies, software, databases, targeted customer and things like this. This phase is basically about understanding the client requirements in depth so that the appropriate approach can be selected and followed to provide satisfaction to client. It is for the understanding the need of client by the developer. The analysis carried out during this phase of web development must include the cost or budget of development along with the software and hardware requirements.

Second phase begins with the designing. In this the architecture of the website is being made. This phase may involve the changes that needs to be made. It is always better to make the changes at the early stage of development so that the later stages will remain unaffected and that makes a successful design and quality of the software. A good developer always gives much emphases on this phase so that the other phases can be accomplished error free.

After the design phase is over and you are ready with a perfect design it is the time to implement the design to generate the web pages. For any website developed, the main phase is its Promotion. A site is developed for its potential customers that we get only after marketing the site. Website promotion can be done in many ways like publishing, advertising, listings on various search engine etc. Marketing or Promoting a website is basically a continuous process that need to be followed for the whole life of the website. Website development is not only a one time development instead it should be followed with the continuous additions and up-gradations whenever required.

From large business organization to that of small business it has now become essential to have their existence on Internet so that it can find a way to become visible to the potential customers browsing on the Internet. In the field of technology “Web development” is the new mantra for the success. Website development is not an easy task until you understand the tips and tactics involved in its creation.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Software Development Firm in California

Not every business has the same needs. There are clearly different objectives that every business wants or needs to accomplish in order to succeed. That being said, not every business will be able to use a software program that another company is able use. Sometimes, a business needs to develop it's own software in order to run the programs that is necessary to achieve their goals.

Software development is not easy. That is why there are companies out there that focus primarily on this aspect. At a quality company like Q-Vantage, located in Riverside, CA, they by step through the entire process, from your basic ideas until the moment it is installed on your factually take the time to sit down with you and discuss your business needs, such as your goals and requirements, and what it is that you want to accomplish with your business. Their teams are with you step tems. Not many other companies can say that.

They are also willing to work out the kinks for you, with you there if necessary, so you can see exactly what is going on from start to finish. Not every company is willing to take the time to sit down with you, and also to take the time to explain everything to you in layman's terms. Again, software development is a complicated process that not everyone will understand, so this is a key point in the way Q-Vantage works.

The facts are simple. Software development is difficult, and should be done by a professional company. If you are paying for a project, you should be included in the project. Not every business is the same, and not every Software development California company understands this. By hiring Q-Vantage in Riverside, CA, you are ensuring yourself and your business that you are in the best hands possible for this process.