Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marketing Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive design can be deemed as an experience and costly and time consuming but looking at the brighter side as always gives uniformity for all the devices, rather than having different layouts for different devices.  It allows everyone to create one website that is compatible with any and every digital web device practically. Not only is Responsive Design modest and economical but easy to maintain and sustain its look for long time frame, along with it has several SEO benefits that traditional websites do not have.

With a Responsive Design layout, we don’t have to worry about updating several different versions of a website in order to keep versions consistency. Update one and update all is the slogan that responsive design follows. This increases the value of your site to visitors, and in turn, the search engines because all the records point to one rather than different layouts. RWD takes three sites and makes them one. No longer will the need arise to place canonical and authoritative tags on pages to prevent duplicate content penalties across your mobile and desktop versions. It con-temporizes  web design efforts and kills three birds with one stone as said by a famous poet. Another factor that helps or gives an extra boost on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that when a person is  searching on a mobile device pushes the URL into a mobile search engine, the web browser URL is often redirected to a mobile-specific URL.

Inbound links (links to your domain) are seen as ballot for site by the various search engines. The more inbound links site has, the higher it will rank for various keywords related to say links. The problem, however, is that mobile sites receive hardly any of the “link juice” earned by these inbound links because they have different URLs (and are accessed through redirects), and it results in lesser mobile rankings. A site with responsive design  fortunately has the same URL across all devices, which ensures that  all devices such as mobile, tablet and web browser rankings are all on the go to touch sky limits.

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